Dog Refuses To Leave Burning House Because He’s Protecting 4 Little Friends Inside

Who says cats aren’t liked by dogs? People often believe that dogs and cats are ‘natural’ enemies, however the anecdote below will show us that this is not the case. This is possibly one of the strangest rescue stories ever told.

In Melbourne, Australia, a Jack Russell mix dog named Leo sacrificed his life to guard and preserve four newborn kittens from a house fire. When firefighters were attempting to prevent the house from catching fire, they noticed a dog still inside. To get to the dog, firefighters had to navigate across downed power wires.

Leo was discovered on the floor, unconscious. When they hoisted him up, they were completely taken aback by what they saw beneath him! The dog had encircled the kittens with his body to keep them secure until aid arrived. Thankfully, thanks to Leo, the four kittens were uninjured. Firefighters rushed the pets outside and administered oxygen to Leo. He is now in good health.

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