Blind & Deaf Shelter Dog Thought No One Would Love Him, Until He Met His Family

Although he’s both blind and deaf, Petey is such a friendly, happy-go-lucky do. He can’t see or hear you but he can smell you, and every one he wants to try to to is love you.

Despite his obvious differences, he’s a bit like the other dog. He likes to choose walks, snuggle abreast of the couch, and play with other dogs.

Randi Snarr and her husband first saw Petey online after his foster mom posted pictures and videos of him. As soon as they saw him, they fell crazy and knew she had to satisfy him and welcome him into their family.When they first brought Petey home, he fit right in. He and therefore the Snarr’s dog, Tucker, became best friends instantly.

“He has brought such a lot love and learning and excitement, and everybody who meets him has an instantaneous smile on their face,” Snarr told Best Friends Animal Society. “He was meant to be a part of this family.”

Watch Petey in his new range in the video below:

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