A lone Beagle falls in love with an orphaned baby possum and decides to adopt him

When it comes to unexpected friendships between animals, Mother Nature never fails to amaze. Another example of animal love that knows no bounds comes from an Australian animal shelter.

Molly, a beautiful Beagle from Australia, wasn’t having the best of times due to the loss of her puppies at birth, which left deep wounds in her soul. She was not depressed or sad, and she had never felt so alone. When she met Poss, an orphaned baby possum, everything was about to change.

When the lonely dog was hanging out in the backyard, he came across a small animal. The poor thing was terrified and perplexed. He probably lost his mother and ended up there after falling from a tree. When the cute little thing saw Molly, he instantly jumped on her back, thinking she was his mother. On the other side, the dog was delighted to bear him. Since then, the two have become inseparable.

Sara, Molly’s mother, said, “They’re an unlikely pair.” “I believe the possum mistook Molly for her mother and vice versa. These two were obviously destined to meet, no matter how unlikely it might seem!”

It’s so touching to see these two very different species find solace in one another. Molly teaches her baby what a mother’s love means by cuddling with him and taking care of him every day, while Poss comforts his adoptive mom from the loss of her babies.

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