Kind Nurse Opens Hospice To Shower Abandoned Senior Dogs With Love During Their Last Days

The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice in Mansfield, England, takes in a lot of canines who have had a difficult life.
Most of them were abused or overworked before being abandoned and dying on their own.

As these abandoned pups live out their dying days, Nicola Coyle is working hard to offer them the love and care they deserved all along.

Coyle has been caring for dogs in need for many years, having previously worked as a nurse and in dog rescue.

When she retired, she focused all of her energies on dog rescue, and she founded the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice last year.
Nicola Coyle has previously worked in a dog rescue and ensures that each dog who visits the hospice receives a steak supper, a trip to the beach, and a birthday celebration.

Human hospice care is extremely beneficial in ensuring that their quality of life is improved for at least the final months of their lives.

This shouldn’t be confined to just humans, especially because some of us consider our dogs to be family members. There are many dogs who have never known love like this.

Pets deserve the world, and one woman is dedicated to ensuring that as many dogs as possible live as happily and calmly as possible.

Coyle takes in rescue dogs who are projected to live for only six months or fewer and ensures that their final days on this planet are as comfortable and love-filled as possible.

The dogs come from kennels, vet clinics, and rescue organizations, and they would have to be euthanized if it weren’t for Coyle. Instead, they will be able to enjoy their final days in comfort.

When the dogs arrive to the hospice, they are pampered as though they are royalty.

Coyle will take them on adventures if they are healthy enough, such as down to the beach for fish and chips or to the bar for a good steak meal.

Some even have the opportunity to ride in a police car!

Coyle organizes a birthday celebration for every dog, replete with a birthday cake!

“I don’t know when their birthdays are, so we arrange a birthday party for everyone,” she explained.

“All they want is to be loved and safe. I think they should have a happy ending.” She spends around £500 ($680) every dog, and while she has previously given all of the funding herself, she has just begun collecting donations in order to continue her vital work.

Many of the dogs who come to the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice are experiencing actual warmth and affection for the first time in their life.

It’s a touching project, and Coyle is saddened by every puppy that comes into her house.

As a result, she requires time away from the dogs in order to work through her feelings.

The anguish of saying goodbye, however, is worth it since Coyle knows that these dogs would not have had the love and comfort they deserved if it weren’t for her.

Instead of being abandoned and distraught in their final days, the dogs are lavished with love, affection, and delicious food.

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