Golden Retriever Sweetly Apologizes To His Brother After Stealing His Breakfast

Watson and Kiko are best friends who also happen to be Instagram celebrities. They have a million followers, but that doesn’t stop Kiko and Watson from getting into mischief now and then. They’re not just best friends; they’re more like brothers. They, like other siblings, try to see how much they can get away with from time to time. Watson snatches his brother’s breakfast in this case.


Kiko’s appetite has been stifled due to his illness. Watson took advantage of the situation and had a second helping of Kiko’s breakfast. Jenny, their fur mom, saw something was wrong and confronted Watson about his cute misdeed.

Jenny won’t put up with food thievery in the house, so she confronts Watson. “Did you eat Kiko’s food, Watson?” she inquires. The guilty fluffer instantly hides his face, indicating that he is certainly guilty.

Jenny gently reprimands Watson and instructs him to apologize to his brother. The “CEO of Hugs” approaches Kiko and gives him the sweetest embrace imaginable! Everything is forgiven now; after all, who could bear a grudge while gazing into those gorgeous eyes?

A little backstory on the cute dogs…

Watson was Jenny’s emotional support dog at the time, and he assisted her in overcoming social anxiety and despair. When Kiko was four years old, he was adopted by a close friend. Kiko was having health problems at the time of this video.

Kiko was diagnosed with cancer (osteosarcoma) after this was filmed, and is now a cute tripod. Watson, the “CEO of Hugs,” was a great assistance to his pal during his illness.

You can learn more about Kiko’s cancer diagnosis and their journey together on their Instagram. Their mom Jenny has been kind enough to share some videos in hopes of helping pet owners going through something similar.

Their page is not depressing. It’s full of charming sweetness with a hint of cuteness. Just two gorgeous dogs having the most of their lives with a caring owner. Please spread the word about this wonderful video to all of your friends.

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