Dog Leads Rescuers To A Box Of Abandoned Kittens, Then Becomes The Best Foster Dad

Unfortunately, many stray dogs and cats roam the streets of Greece, never having known what it’s like to have a home or a family who loves them. There are a lot of abandoned kitten litters as well. SCARS, a rescue organization, encounters them on a regular basis. In just one month, they’ve rescued almost 25 kittens.

Aragon is a rescue dog owned by one of the SCARS volunteers. They would take Aragon for walks near the mountains, where numerous critters were abandoned in cardboard boxes, including kittens, puppies, bunnies, and birds. Unfortunately, ravenous foxes generally found them before rescuers.

He began tugging rescuers toward a box as they were strolling Aragon one day. There were still kitties in there this time! Aragon was celebrated as a hero. They arrived just in time, otherwise the kittens would have been eaten by a fox or another animal, as many of the other abandoned pets had been.

They brought the kittens in, inspected them, and gave them a clean bill of health. Staff looked after them around the clock, but the kittens had a very special furry caretaker–Aragon! Aragon took up the role of foster father and excelled at it! He cuddled close to them and shielded them from harm, making them feel safe and cherished. It’s incredible to see dogs and cats get along so well. Love knows no bounds when it comes to species!

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