Elderly Dogs Left At Shelter Finally Find New Home Together

Bella and Snowball were two elderly canines that had previously shared a residence. Their previous owner surrendered them to an animal sanctuary. Throughout their stay at the animal shelter, the two remained friends until the unthinkable happened: both dogs were adopted into the same home.

Snowball and Bella built a connection after cohabiting with a human companion, as do many dogs. Bella, a large retriever, joined Snowball, a small white dog, as an older sibling. This partnership provided Bella with someone to care for while also providing much-needed assistance to Snowball in navigating the globe.

This pair was having a good time until their owner decided to take them to an animal shelter. The two appeared to have little chance of ever seeing the light of day again after being confined to a kennel. Most families depart with puppies or other young dogs since the shelter they were transported to would euthanize animals that weren’t promptly adopted. Bella appeared depressed as they sat behind bars. Snowball’s nose would revive her with a couple of nudges, but life wasn’t what it used to be. Even more sadly, it appeared that the two would have to spend their dying days together.

The two sat peacefully with one other as puppies leaped and barked their way into guests’ hearts and homes. Their lives seemed doomed until they attracted the attention of a couple of passers-by. These people decided to adopt the dogs after spending some time with them.

Adoption was amazing for these two senior shelter dogs, but the biggest surprise came when the owners decided they needed both dogs. This was a double miracle for Snowball, because special needs dogs are often difficult to place. Bella and Snowball were off to their new home together in no time!

This beautiful couple spent a few moments saying “goodbye” to shelter life on what could have easily been their last day on the world. They took one more trip around the grounds, sniffing everything in sight, in true dog fashion. It was time to put their shelter days behind them and look forward to their new home. Although the people and place could also be different, this loveable pair was within the car anticipating home life.

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