Pit Bull Rescued Just in Time, Rescuers had no idea that they were actually saving two lives

When Penny the Pitbull was rescued, her rescuers did not know that they were actually saving two lives. Penny was thrown from a moving car and rescued by staff at the nearby Berclair Animal Hospital. Due to heartworm, Petunia became thin, injured and suffering from congestive heart failure. The wounds and wounds on Petunia’s face were infected, and her rescuers said they thought she was most likely to be used in dog fights.

Veterinarians called Donna Velez, the founder of Golden Pit Rescue Heart in Memphis, Tennessee, to see if her rescue helped. Although her rescue was complete and she was recovering from her health problems, Donna still asked them to send her some photos. As soon as he saw Petunia’s photo, he instructed the vet to let the dog shake off the pain and treat her. Donna tells DogHeirs that even if she can’t take Penny away, she’s determined to find a way to help Penny.

Donna drove to the clinic shortly after to see Penny. Donna knew she had to accept the thin, wounded puppy after just one look. “I can’t not take her,” she reasoned. Donna told DogHeirs, “She looked so miserable,” and said, “Once I see them, I’m a goner.”

Donna began networking for Penny, and by chance, a family in St. Louis saw Penny’s photo and immediately wanted to adopt her. The family already has two Pit Bulls and a lot of experience with them.

Jennifer stated on her Facebook page, “She’s just been with us 10 days and she has a long way to go, but she is a good dog despite all of her shenanigans, she just isn’t used to this lifestyle because she was mistreated for so long.” “Since we received her, she’s already come a long way.”

Penny’s health has improved significantly in just a few weeks. His treatment of late heartworm has been successful, and he is learning many new things in his new home. “Penny is really in love with life now! He has a big appetite, which is good, because he doesn’t want to eat on the first day at home, so I hope he can start to gain a few pounds. She is still afraid of our two Children, but I am trying to get them to socialize safely. He likes to go out for a walk, and we want to run back to the house when we come back, but I must stop him from doing so because of his health. In general, this is very suitable for everyone, but I think this is a new baby, and many changes will eventually be in place. “

However, the biggest surprise in Penny’s recovery process came this week when she accidentally gave birth to a puppy. The girl’s name was Nickel. Surprisingly, despite Penny’s trauma and medication, Nickel is still very healthy! Penny is nursing Nickel. When the puppy is about to be weaned, it will go to a foster home with Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue. Donna told DogHeirs that baby Nickel might have been interested in adopting her.

Penny’s new family sums up Penny’s change of situation and rescue well: “Just imagine the life this pup would have had if the owners didn’t dump Penny. 2 lives saved!”

Jennifer, Penny and Nickel’s mother, revealed some tragic news. Penny died as a result of congestive heart failure. “I had to let her go last night because her heartworms were so serious, she had advanced congestive heart failure and her heart was more than three times the size of a normal heart,” Jennifer explained. She drifted off to sleep gently in my arms. Of course, Nickel will remain with us.”

Jennifer wrote on Petunia’s Facebook page: “I miss Petunia so much… She peeed on my carpet, ate my favorite hello kitty slippers, bit the door frame and ruined her doghouse. But I Never punish her. On the day I saw her story on the Facebook feed, I did what I said to do. I said, I want that bitch so she can feel that I treat us boys Love, living the luxury life she deserves, this is what I did. He just wanted to spoil her for a few years, not a few months. My tears can’t stop … She is a good dog. So calm, eager to hug, she is a great mother. I love her very much and I am glad to have Nickel to accompany her … RIP My dear Penny ” Nickel is now 10 weeks old and has received a lot of affection at home.

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