Police Find Missing Husky, Confirm His Identity When He Sings His “Favorite Song”

Siberian Huskies are extremely noisy dogs, although not always barkers. Huskies are noted for howling, which has resulted in numerous videos of howling huskies “talking” on social media.

Huskies were raised to pull sleds and live in groups, therefore their ability to talk came from the need to communicate while working.

And it turns out, that this exact trait was how one Husky was able to reunite with his family.

A group of teenagers in Beersheba, Israel, discovered a Husky that appeared to be frail and underweight.

They did the right thing by bringing the dog to Israeli police, who took him in and gave him first assistance. The authorities soon determined that this Husky matched the description of another Husky who had gone missing in the same city.

They contacted the dog’s potential owners, who told police that they knew the perfect way to confirm whether or not this dog was their missing dog or not.

The owner instructed the police to play the title song of the dog’s favorite TV show “Shemesh”. If the dog starts to sing, it is undoubtedly his beloved pet. As soon as the officer sang, the Husky immediately refreshed and howled. Both the owner and the police immediately knew that this was the missing Husky. The owner rushed to the police station to see their furry friend.

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