Dog Abandoned In Park Gets Adopted By The Cop Who Rescued Her

Daisy could be a boxer-pit bull hybrid dog who was abandoned in a park in Bloomington, Indiana and found by a passer-by. When the individual noticed the dog was alone, they alerted the local sheriff’s office, and when Officer Jeff Ripley arrived, the story took a completely different turn.

Rosie Ahlberg, Jeff’s fiancée and a daily volunteer at the Bloomington Animal Care and Control shelter, loaded Daisy into the backseat, and when they discovered the shelter was closed for the day, they decided to keep Daisy at their house for the evening while they waited to get her the medical attention she required. They took her to the clinic the next day, and the poor puppy was discovered to have multiple injuries that required surgery, as well as stress caused by emotional abuse. When Jeff and Rosie found out Daisy’s owners, they declared they didn’t want anything to do with her, so the cop and his fiancée decided to adopt her.

Daisy seemed to loosen up and become less fearful after a brief while in her new loving home, as they wait for the time to urge Daisy to have the surgery she needs to make a full recovery.

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