Paw-mazing Pets: Dog Protects Injured Companion Stuck On Railroad Tracks For Two Days

Paw-mazing Pets: Dog Protects Injured Companion Stuck On Railroad Tracks For Two Days — Zenoonee

A wounded dog was unable to get to safety after falling on some frozen railroad lines in Ukraine. Lucy, the dog, was fortunate in having a companion who would not abandon her. Panda, a male dog, stayed with Lucy for two days, huddling with her in the frigid temperatures and kneeling down with her when the trains went by. Surprisingly, the trains had stopped hurting them.

A local animal rescuer, Denis Malafeyev, discovered the couple stuck on the tracks. They tried to approach the dogs with the help of other rescuers, but Panda was extremely protective and growled, indicating signs of aggression. As the train approached, the rescuers’ hearts sank. They understood they wouldn’t be able to reach Lucy in time, and rescuing the dogs would put them in danger of being hit by a train. Surprisingly, both puppies sat down on the tracks, dropped their heads to the ground, and let the train pass them by unharmed.

The rescuers gained Panda’s trust and were able to get Lucy off the rails after some effort and persuasion. Both dogs were taken to the vet and spent the entire trip snuggled close to each other. Except for a few scrapes, Lucy was in good health. The puppies’ family was discovered, and they were reunited. Hopefully, their traveling days are over, but thanks to Panda sharing his body heat and keeping watch, both canines are safe and sound.

What would you do if you came across dogs caught on railway tracks that refused to let you near them? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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