Brave Mama Dog Pleads With Strangers To Save Her Puppies

Brave Mama Dog Pleads With Strangers To Save Her Puppies

Hera may be the bravest stray mama dog ever for asking for assistance. It’s fortunate for these three puppies that their mother is so courageous.

The Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, was concerned when they received a call about a stray dog stuck in a drainpipe. It was the dead of winter, with deep snow and bitter cold, and this dog seemed to be approaching everyone who passed by.

So they went to the location and found the dog they’d heard about. This girl was shivering, but wouldn’t stop going back into the drainpipe. They looked inside… and found three tiny puppies inside!

Hera was the name given to the mother dog. While she was used to humans, the puppies were terrified and refused to approach the rescuers. They needed to come up with a cunning approach to save the puppies while avoiding harming them.

Finally, just before dark, they manage to get the puppies out of the pipe without harming them. The team reunites mom and her babies, and the grateful look in her huge eyes is so worth it!

Hera and her puppies are returned to the Dog Rescue Shelter, where they are given the medical attention they require and kept warm and comfortable. This mama and her puppies are quite grateful for the attention they have received from these caring individuals!

Watch more in the video below:

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