Dog Carefully Catches Bird Trapped On Porch And Releases It

Dog Gently Catches Bird Trapped On Porch And Sets It Free

Dogs are recognized for their gentle hearts and caring natures. Like the dog who saved earthworms or the puppy who shared his blanket with a stray dog, they can demonstrate incredible kindness to their carers, complete strangers, and creatures smaller than themselves. When Gus the dog spots a bird in distress, he does just that.

Gus comes to the rescue of a bird that has become caught in his home in the video below. He catches the shocked bird and carefully transports it outside! When it comes to handling fowl, some dogs are taught to have “soft lips,” but it’s incredible to witness Gus employ this approach to aid carry a live bird to safety.

His human, Jennifer, wrote on YouTube:

“Over the years we’ve had several birds get trapped on the porch (the door is open during the day for the dogs). Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

What an amazing thing for Gus to do. Watch him in action in the video below.

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