Boy Stops To Hug Stray Dogs When He Thinks That No One’s Watching

According to kingdomstv, this kind-hearted youngster makes the world a better place.

Meet Ibrahim, a student from the Chechen city of Grozny.

On his way to school one day, he observed two stray dogs lazing in the sun.

Instead of continuing on his route, he came to a halt and embraced them warmly, believing that no one could see him.
A resident of an adjacent building, on the other hand, noticed Ibrahim from their window and captured the spontaneous act of generosity on tape.
Take a look at this adorable moment that went popular on social media:
“I watched the video.” “That’s Ibrahim,” Katerina, an Ibrahim family friend, told The Dodo, adding that the scene exemplifies his giving nature.

“He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very kind boy.”
We are sure the dogs agree!

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