Retired Nurse Opens Hospice For Dogs So They Can Feel Loved During Their Final Moments

Retired Nurse Opens Hospice For Dogs So They Can Feel Loved During Their Final Moments

Some households who cannot afford to care for their sick or aging dogs choose to abandon them. These canines, who have lived lovely lives, find themselves alone and afraid in a shelter.
Imagine not understanding why you’ve been abandoned and having to face your dying days alone.
Nicola Coyne, a retired nurse, realized she had to do something about it and founded The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project. She takes in dying dogs that have been abandoned by their owners and ensures that they have a loving home for the rest of their life.

Nicola, from Nottingham in the United Kingdom, visits local shelters and adopts two sick elderly dogs at a time. She seeks to adopt dogs who have fewer than 6 months to live in most cases. She’s owned dogs for around a year and a half, with the shortest being two weeks.
According to Metro, she also ensures that kids “fill their bucket lists.” That means puppy parties, beach outings, amazing steak meals, and McDonald’s ice cream.

“One charity she routinely assists said they ‘couldn’t be more thankful’ to Nicola, who has provided ‘love and care like they have never had,’ according to the Metro.” Nicola spends up to £500 ($610) every puppy, using her own money and donations from her charity company.
“It might be a heartbreaking job,” Nicola explains, “but someone has to do it.” “I’m an animal lover at heart, and I can’t stomach the notion of them going through their final days, weeks, or months without receiving the affection they deserve.” It’s difficult at times, but it’s so satisfying when you can make those moments memorable.”

She gets them cremated and buried in a special plot at her Nottingham house after they die. Nicola explains, ‘It might be a heartbreaking job, but someone has to do it.’

“Nicola does an incredible job, bringing in dogs after they’ve been kicked out by their owners right at the end of their life – giving them the love and care most have never received earlier in their lives,” says Joanne Snaith of Helping Yorkshire Poundies. “I am a huge fan of The Grey Muzzle Project’s work.”
Nicola thinks that she has taken in around 30 canines and assisted them in reaching the end of their life so far.

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