Stray Dog Finally Relaxes When He Realizes Guy Is Taking Him Home

stray dog fell asleep

What should you do if you come across a stray dog on the street?

Of course, you help in whatever manner you can, and Anand Raman did just that on a scorching day in Dubai.

Anand came upon a stray dog who was barely surviving on scraps of food, huddled up under a parked car.

Anand knew exactly what he needed to do right away; after all, a little TLC goes a long way, he reasoned.

The starving puppy walked over to Anand as soon as he made eye contact with him, and Anand saw how weak the poor creature was.

He put the puppy in the car right away, and then the cutest thing happened!

When he understood he was secure, this gentle puppy laid his head on Anand’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Anand’s sister took them both to the vet, who confirmed that the poor puppy was terribly malnourished and that his shaky stride will improve once he was healthy again.

Anand brought the pup back home and gave him a bath, which revealed the pup’s pure white fur! And so the name Snowy came into effect!

Anand assumed that because this youngster had spent so much time on the street, transitioning to life indoors would be difficult for him, but that was not the case.

When the puppy understood he was safe, he quickly adjusted!

Because he was scared of being abandoned again, the puppy would scamper back to Anand’s apartment complex whenever he went on a stroll with him.

Snowy took a bit to comprehend he would never be abandoned again, according to Anand.

Snowy found a loving second chance to life, as most stray and abandoned pups should.

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