Vet Spends Over 4 Hours In A Cold Dog House To Demonstrate How Bad It Is For Dogs

Vet Camps Out In Cold Dog House For Over 4 Hours To Show How Bad It Is For Dogs

We’ve all seen the movies of people sitting in cars on hot days to demonstrate how horrible it gets inside for pets and to encourage change for their sake. As unpleasant as leaving a dog in a heated car on a hot summer day is, leaving them outside during cold periods is just as bad. Even with a canine companion.

Dr. Ernie Ward sets out to demonstrate how frigid a dog house may become at night. He is a firm conviction that if this film helps save even one animal’s life, it was well worth his time to participate in the experiment.

Vet Camps Out In Cold Dog House For Over 4 Hours To Show How Bad It Is For Dogs

He’s already shivering after only a half hour at 25 degrees Fahrenheit. He also detects ice crystals developing on the dog house’s ceiling above his head. “At this level, for a lengthy exposure, no dog is naturally adapted to withstand this,” he explains after an hour.

The temperature has dropped to 15 degrees Fahrenheit after four hours in the dog house, and Dr. Ward’s hands are absolutely frozen and he’s shivering uncontrollably.

“Our obligation is to give the finest quality of life for the creatures we love and cherish — and this ain’t it!” he argues, and I agree.

Let’s make sure everyone sees this and passes it along to help spark a change in the way people deal with pets in the winter.

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