Rescued from shelter, dog saves a young girl from a deadly snake

Dog Rescued From Shelter Saves Little Girl From Deadly Snake

A rescued German Shepherd returned the favor by defending a 7-year-old girl in their garden from a deadly rattlesnake.

Molly DeLuca and her German Shepherd, Haus, were playing in the back yard of her Florida house when an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake appeared.
Haus saw Molly was in danger and leaped between her and the pit viper to save her, but he was bitten three times in the process.
Donya, Molly’s mother, claims she watched Haus leap back and forth, holding his ground, but she didn’t see the snake. Haus was seen limping and crying with blood on his legs the next thing they saw.

Donya expresses her gratitude to Haus for defending Molly. She’s not sure if her daughter would have survived if the poisonous snake had attacked her.

Haus was hurried to the veterinarian, where he got costly anti-venom therapy and is expected to recover. The family set up a GoFundMe to cover the fees, and as word got out about Haus’ bravery, more than enough money was received to cover his medical bills.

Haus was rescued from an animal shelter by the DeLucas a few months ago. Molly’s father, Adam DeLuca, said Haus has always loved and protected his children since he returned home. He can’t believe the family is so fortunate to have him. “It’s just astounding what dogs are capable of.”

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