She Lived In A Box On The Street For Years, Watching Thousands Of People Pass Her By

She Lived In A Box On The Street For Years, Watching Thousands Of People Pass Her By

Every day, tens of thousands of people passed her by, but no one ever stopped to assist her.

Helen was a Romanian street dog who had spent her entire existence on the streets.

She slept on cardboard in an old door frame for a day, watching people walk past. People would occasionally come up to her and smile or offer her food, but no one ever cared enough to ask her for assistance.

That is, until a traveler from Finland who was visiting Romania spotted Helen and phoned Howl Of A Dog right away.

When the rescuers arrived, locals informed them that the dog had been living in the neighborhood for years. Thankfully, because everyone recognized her, she was safe in this neighborhood, and she or he would frequently pick up food leftovers from passers-by.

But these leftovers weren’t enough to keep her healthy, and the cardboard she slept on wasn’t warm enough to keep her warm through the cold winters and storms.

Helen is a fantastic dog, according to the rescuers, who describe her as quiet, friendly, and well-behaved. She has a “great, charming temperament,” according to them.

Her great personality makes it all the more tragic that she was forced to live on the streets for so long. Helen Helen covered her ear with a piece of plastic as part of a 2013 neutral release plan. This indicates that she was apprehended as a stray, spayed, and then released back onto the road. Helen has been on the road for at least six years, and she was most likely on the road for years prior to that.

Rescuers brought her back to their clinic for a medical evaluation and a much-needed bath. A few months later, Helen was adopted by a loving family in the Netherlands. She lives during a small village with many wooded areas and alleys where she enjoys walks as well as her new owners.

Watch her rescue below:

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