Sick Senior Dog Wanders Through The Rainstorm In Search Of A New Home

Sick Senior Dog Wanders Through The Rainstorm In Search Of A New Home

The dog was so thin that his bones could be seen.

The mistreated dog nevertheless yearns for affection and a stable home.

After a particularly severe downpour, Philadelphia resident Jack Jokinen was shocked to discover an elderly dog abandoned in his home.

He questioned how the dog got inside the house given that he had locked the doors during the storm. After quickly reviewing the security footage, he realized what had happened: it appeared that Jack had unintentionally left the door open, which is how the dog entered. When a worried neighbor noticed the open door, he quickly closed it, trapping the dog inside.

When they figured out the issue, Jack and his wife were heartbroken to learn how miserable the poor puppy was; the dog was so thin that they had to take him to the clinic.

Even though the guy and his wife already had a dog and a baby to take care of, they realized this dog needed a home too. The poor dog suffered from dental issues among many other age-related maladies, and she was so terrified of her situation that she would cry every time Jack left the room.
Suzy, the senior dog the couple adopted, gets along well with George, the dog owned by the neighboring family.
She is thankful to have found a loving home right before Christmas, and if you know who her heartless owners are that abandoned her, please contact the police.

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