In China, a two-legged stray has given birth to puppies, and despite her disability, she looks after her family and ensures that none of her puppies are in danger.

Animals are known to be hardy, adapting to their surroundings and surviving as best they can.

After all, there are many homeless dogs around the world who struggle to find food and shelter on a daily basis, but it never ceases to amaze us how even dogs with disabilities are able to succeed and survive life on the streets.

Mom Shi Bao wasn’t a stray dog. Her owner abandoned her, and she sought shelter near Datong’s Kouguan Railway Station. Unfortunately, the accident resulted in her losing her hind legs. Locals say she was struck by a car or run over by a train, but she prevailed in any case and has since defended herself.

Shi Bao recently gave birth to a litter of stable and attractive puppies. Every day, a two-legged mother brings her babies to the train station to look for food. The brave mother ensures that her puppies are still nearby.

We understand that animals in China are not covered by the same rules as animals in other countries, but we hope Shi Bao and her babies will find a good Samaritan or animal welfare organization to take them in and put an end to their lonely and difficult days on the streets.


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