Her Husband Asks Her To Choose Either Him Or Her Dogs,And She Didn’t Hesitate

If you’re a dog-lover, there’s little that can tear you away from your precious fur babies. Adopted pets, big or small, very quickly become part of the family whether you like it or not.But, the question is that would you give up your husband for the sake of spending the rest of your days with your absolute favorite doggos ? Well, I’m not sure about any of you, but there’s this one amazing lady named Liz Haslam from the village Barnham in Suffolk, England who did exactly that.

You see, Liz was put into an unusual delimma of choosing between her husband Mike or her pet dogs. So for any other person the choice would be obvious but for Liz it wasn’t. She belongs from a Dog – loving family so she opted to keep her dogs. (And tbh why not ? Doggos for life!)

Now it wasn’t easy leaving Mike after being married for so long, but her unconditional love for Dogs didn’t leave her with much of a choice.

Anyway, She doesn’t regret her decision as she is too busy doing what makes her happy! And not only does she like keeping dogs to herself, but also she runs a foster home for all the neglected, stray and ill pups out there.

In fact, all those dogs require affection and attention,so much that Liz can spend around 18 hours a day taking care them, taking them out for a walk, and spending hundreds of dollars on their medication and any treatments they may require.

But it seems like she has a positive attitude about the entire ordeal. She may have lost her husband, but she still gets to do what makes her happy.

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