When a man returns from the store, he discovers a stray dog asleep in the back of his vehicle.

One man received a big surprise when he left his neighborhood pharmacy only to discover a lost dog in the front seat of his vehicle. Imagine walking out to your car and finding a dog sitting inside. He got into my car without a care in the world, sat down on the seat, and didn’t want to get out again, Rodrigo Coelho told Bored Panda. “.

Despite how cute the situation was at the time, Rodrigo realized he had to track down the owner. He was familiar with the anxiety that the dog’s owner must have had in not knowing where their pet was because he was also a dog owner. Since Rodrigo’s canines were already well-known on social media, he asked their 1 million Facebook fans for assistance.

In an effort to track down the proprietors, he released a photo and all the details of the meeting on social media. The post gained a lot of attention and was successful in helping the dog’s owners be located.

The dog’s name was Thor, and Dayane and Maicon were his owners. Being that Rodgrio had located their cherished dog more than 8 miles from home, both owners were overjoyed that Rodgrio had been able to bring their pet back to them.


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