Cute video shows a wild dolphin swimming up to a boat and kissing a dog.

The award-winning IMAX picture Dolphins features a special and heartwarming scene that was captured on camera. It was created by the company that started the One World One Ocean Campaign, MacGillivray Freeman Films.
One World One Ocean is a “multi-platform campaign that uses the power of film, television, and new media to inspire, educate, and unite millions of people worldwide in service of a single goal: protect and restore the health of the ocean.” Furthermore, a clip from the 2012 short documentary Dolphins that was released definitely hit a nerve because more than 6million people have seen the little 21-second sequence since it was posted.

Two guys and two dogs are on a boat in the brief scenario. The pups are really curious to see what’s coming out of the water and start wagging their tails as a pair of dolphins swim up beside the boat.

They aren’t at all afraid; in fact, they’re quite eager. You must be, right?


But there’s more! These species seem to have a great deal of trust in one another, so perhaps they have already interacted.

In fact, after a few seconds, the dolphin pokes its head above the surface just enough to kiss the darker dog passionately! It’s encouraging for him because the boater gestures for the dog to give him a kiss at the lips, but it’s still amazing to watch a dolphin in the wild act so at ease around a canine.

The dolphin looks to be showing off again shortly after that. Though that was presumably the result of some artistic editing, he appears to jump for joy as he emerges from the sea.

The majority of what we know about dolphins comes from research done on them in captivity, but the movie Dolphins chronicles the tale of researchers who conduct their studies in the open ocean and attempt to comprehend the creatures in their natural environments.

According to MacGillivray Freeman Films, their 39-minute movie is as follows:

“Dolphins takes audiences on an underwater voyage with curious Atlantic spotted dolphins, acrobatic dusky dolphins, and the familiar bottlenose dolphin, from the glittering coral reefs of the Bahamas to the wind-swept seas of Patagonia. As they take us on an expedition into their fascinating world, viewers will get to know young scientist Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski and her two colleagues, mentor Dr. Bernd Würsig and Dr. Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez.

And this universe is undoubtedly fascinating!

Of course, we’ve witnessed dogs and dolphins getting along before. Videos of dogs swimming alongside other mammals in the water can be found all over YouTube.

While there are many images of dolphins and dogs kissing online, witnessing this behavior firsthand and witnessing these creatures’ endearing interactions is quite different.

You may rent or stream the little documentary on Amazon if you want to view it in its full. If you needed any additional motivation, Pierce Brosnan is the narration, and Sting is providing the soundtrack!

What better method to gain knowledge about these magnificent animals in less than an hour?

To witness the wonderful scene where a dog receives a giant dolphin kiss, scroll down below.
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