An officer sees a cat waiting to cross the street and issues a stop sign to let the animal cross safely.

How come the cat crossed the street? to reach the opposite side!

With the notoriously chaotic traffic in Indonesia, it is logical to assume that it is difficult for individuals to cross the street in a safe manner.
That is why there are crossing guards everywhere! Their typical duties including directing traffic and assisting pedestrians, such as children, the elderly, and others, in securely reaching their destinations.

However, occasionally not all information is included in the job description. What to do when a lone animal approaches the crossing was most definitely not mentioned, in my opinion.

Yet, this policeman went above and above in the course of his duties, not only guarding and serving the Indonesian people but also the kitties.

He slowed down the flow of traffic so that our small furry companion could cross.
It appears that these two have discussed this topic before. The cat anticipates the policeman’s cues as if he has seen them all before.

Even so, he meows a little as if to ask the officer if it is safe to cross.

As if he uses this path to get to cat work every day.

He surely moves slowly when crossing the street. The purrrrfectly cat thing ever.
Entitled. Bold. his own timetable. He was completely unconcerned with the buses and motorcycles on the road as he traveled downtown.
Even when I cross the street knowing the rules of the road, I don’t have that much confidence in the traffic. He has a lot of faith in this amiable neighborhood police officer.
Fortunately, the cat did not decide to back out in the middle of the journey or try to sit in the middle of the roadway. Irrespective of what I previously said, that would be the cat-est thing ever.

I wonder if his owner is aware of the sort of misadventures like this he engages in during the day. Or perhaps he’s simply a cunning street cat.

Naturally, our hero moves the daring feline to the other side of the street so he can proceed on his quest without danger.

The footage was recorded by the police officer’s coworker and posted online.
Predictably, the internet erupted once this was uploaded.


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