Sleepy dog lets baby goats playing and jumping on him

The Great Pyrenees dog, Lil Z, had a long day and simply wanted to take a short nap, but these newborn goats were not going to let him.

A group of baby goats can be seen in the video having a great time leaping on the sleeping dog and generally running and bleating around the field.

Lil Z wants to participate in their little game with the joyful and animated newborn goats, but the dog is simply too drowsy to do so.

The baby goats come up with a new strategy that includes jumping on the dog for amusement because he doesn’t appear to be interested in playing with them.

The dog is shown being gentle to the baby goats as they play about him in the footage. Lil Z may be seen raising his head in the video at one point to look about.

“What are you guys doing?”

Later, after shifting positions, the dog resumes his snooze.

The beautiful video is the outcome of the mischievous newborn goats playing and leaping on him in the meantime.

Watch the sleepyhead Lil Z letting the baby goats play jump on him here


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