A dog that has been missing for two years has a heartwarming reunion with his best companion.

A few years ago, volunteers from a Ukrainian animal sanctuary rescued a blue-eyed puppy who had been surviving on the streets. The way the sad dog looked demonstrated how much the time he spent on the streets had impacted him.

The rescuers attempted to find him a home, like they always do. Of course, they had no idea at the time that the dog already had a home and a family who adored him. As a result, they took some images of him and uploaded them on Facebook in the hopes of finding him some adoptive parents.

This Ukrainian woman was just reunited with her lost puppy thanks to the power of social media and human compassion.

An animal shelter in Ukraine rescued an abandoned dog from the streets . The poor dog was emaciated and frail, and his coat was riddled with mange. Living on the streets had clearly taken a toll on his appearance and health.

“What a fantastic Monday! “Joyful tears in the morning!” the shelter remarked on Facebook. “Throughout this time, the owners were seeking for him and posting images in groups. And now we have a miracle. Thanks to your repost, the puppy was also seen by a family friend in Australia!!! “I called the owners, and they came running for their treasure!”

Everyone’s eyes welled up as the unfortunate puppy realized he was about to reconnect with the woman who raised him. They’re holding each other again after two years apart!




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