Veteran Tried Selling His Car To Buy His Dogs Back, But Woman Made Him Cry.

James Pack, a Vietnam veteran, had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The First State Animal Center and SPCA took care of his 2 dogs, Bailey and Blaze, while he was being treated. The shelter, which is situated within a PetSmart store in Newark, Delaware, intended to keep the dogs until James had fully recovered.

James had been in the hospital for a long time, and when he was released, he went to the shelter to retrieve his pets. However, according to their rules, the shelter had already placed the canines up for adoption. Even though Bailey and Blaze were still available for adoption, James lacked the funds to cover the $250 adoption cost.

Credit:Lindsay Donovan/YouTube

James was unable to pay the adoption cost because he had spent all of his savings during his hospitalization. He decided to sell his car in order to raise the finances. When the staff learned of James’ dilemma, they banded together to help him by paying $5-$10 apiece until the fee was covered.

Credit:Lindsay Donovan/YouTube

When James is feeling under the weather, he enters the store’s shelter section. He is completely ignorant of the surprise that awaits him. James becomes overwhelmed and his voice trembles with thanks as soon as a worker tells him the truth about Bailey and Blaze. Make sure you have some tissues handy while watching this sad video. It concludes with a wonderful reunion that will restore your faith in humanity.

Watch the video below to witness James’ tearful breakdown at the pet store when he finally sees his beloved dogs again.

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