Hero Pit Bull Dog Fights Off 6-Foot Shark To Save Owner Life From Attack

If you are a dog owner, you know the unconditional love your pet provides. You are their world and they are happy to show you in their own way, sometimes weird.

That’s what happened to James White who went fishing at Sonoma County, California. While fishing, he spent 10 minutes struggling to roll his pull. But he was surprised by a 6-foot shark!

James attempted to dispose of the snare from the monster straightforwardly, however tragically, his lower leg was nibbled by the shark.

The screams were so loud they caught the attention of Darby, his 1 year old pit bull, who was standing a few meters behind the car, waiting for his owner!

So in no time Darby went and took a bite of the shark, which immediately responded with an even stronger bite!

He was then ready to grab it by the tail and pulled it off James’ leg! Watch as White shares this incredible story.

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