Dog Approaches Boy With Down Syndrome

Dog approaches boy with Down syndrome

Ignorance and selfishness are our human nature. But thank God, he made the dog. These amazing creatures are nothing but kind, gentle, and always selfless. You can’t find a better proof than this cute lens, roar! Herman – A 5-year-old boy from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has Down syndrome and always avoids physical contact with others. More importantly, his children ignored him too. Fortunately, this cute boy found a better person: Himalayan, a cute Labrador Retriever, and the two have established an incredible connection.

In an emotional and very intense scene, the dog cautiously approached the boy. Himalaya’s behavior is due to the fact that he knows that children have special needs and need special care. Even a person who is so shy in terms of physical interaction cannot resist the cuteness and unconditional love of the dog. So when the puppy approached HernĂ¡n, the boy responded in the cutest way. Fortunately, his mother captured this moving scene with a camera.

“Hernan is a bit introverted and avoids physical contact,” the boy’s mother Anna described in the video. “He doesn’t like being touched, but Himalayan [dog] insists very patiently, she is so soft that this is why it is so touching that you can do anything. “Surprisingly, the simplest gesture can have such a big impact. The best friend of mankind has taught us the true meaning of loyalty, friendship and love!

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