Most of the time we say puppies are like a baby . There are many similarities and practices. This is one of the reasons we love dogs so much, because as little ones, they give a lot of love to the room. Most people use a dog when they are a child because they want to enjoy the dog in different walks of life.

If you compare dogs with different seasons, you can see that there are many things that have not changed and the first is being playful. Any dog, whether it’s for a few days or more, if you give him a toy, he will play. One of the things never gets old is playing fetch. I don’t think there will be any funnier games than this for dogs.

Another problem with dogs is that they are jealous of newborn babies in the family, which is understandable. These dogs are most concerned, suddenly, there is someone else getting this attention. The lively dog we have here is the same. The cute French bulldog is jealous of the owner’s child and decides to copy everything she has done. Graphic painter Sunny Oshan from Seattle, Washington, and her lawyer husband Evan raised their six and two-year-old children together with their pet dog Bluenjy

Have you ever experienced the same situation? Yes, it is part of having a dog in our lives. You could say that you often have another child in the family. This is one of the reasons why we love dogs so much.

Watch the video below and let us know does your dog get/got jealous of your children?

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