These Baby Bunnies Think A Golden Retriever Is Their Dad And Snuggle With Him All Day

The Golden Retriever’s friend, Bailey, becomes the adoptive father of a small group of rabbits, because Golden Retrievers are friendly dog friends to everyone. It’s really interesting to see how animals treat each other. Little Rabbit decided to choose Bailey as his new defense. Bailey also doesn’t seem to have a problem with this development. Littlearamin the rabbit was not afraid of the dog named Bailey and immediately adopted him as his father. Bailey on the other hand accepted them all and let them use her hair as a wild exercise.

Golden Retrievers very very rare show hostility or aggression toward other dogs or people.

Bailey and his new adoption children are now having fun together and we are sure he takes the responsibility of his new father very seriously, giving his children all curled up they need.

Bailey looks very happy when the rabbit plays, below, and around it, in a few moments he gives them licking or sniffing, but it seems only with content to relax and watch them enjoy themselves.

Baby Bunnies only 22 days old, but so full of life and energy and Bailey liked the adorable small quartet and we were sure he would give them all the curled they wanted.

Watch the video below and enjoy…

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