Heartwarming – Nice Restaurant Owner Prepares A Free Meal For Stray Dog’s Who Visits

In the end, the sweet routine of feeding of all stray dogs that visit make more than prevent them from being hungry.

One night five years prior, a surprising client dropped by Gerardo Ortiz’s café- restaurant, Ajilalo, in Peru. It was a homeless canine, a look of hunger in her eyes.

Ortiz might have handily dismissed the poor dog. Yet, he didn’t.

That night, Ortiz offered free food, made only for him.

And thus start a adorable tradition that continues.

Every night, since then, hungry dogs come and receive free food from Ortiz restaurants.

But it didn’t take long for good and generosity from Ortiz to spread among the community of local homeless puppies.

More dogs began to arrive there, and Ortiz welcomed them all with food.

These days, various homeless canines show up to the entryways of Ortiz’s café every evening. Many are ordinary “clients,” while others are beginners — all expecting to fill their stomach on account of Ortiz’s goodness.

Often, when Ortiz works, he will look up and see the face of a new dog in front – wait politely to see if rumors that free food can be found right.

It generally is.

“Fortunately, our clients react well to dogs,” said Ortiz. “They are compassionate towards them.”

In the end, the Ortiz sweet routine feeds all the homeless dogs visited not enough to keep them from being hungry. This tells them that their lives are important – the truth that Ortiz likes to convince them every day.

“They did not pay us with money, but they paid us with happiness and tails swaying,” said Ortiz.

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