A Woman Adopts 6 Disabled Dogs That Had Been Abandoned By Their Owners And Gives Them A Second Chance.

These dogs, despite their disabilities, are ready to begin again as a result of a truly noble gesture. They have more assistance and knowledge than the other furry, but Tracey Fowler has not found this to be a drag.

It all began when she tragically lost her beloved German shepherd a few years ago. She wanted to foster all of the dogs that were not usually picked up at the shelters after that.

It seems to be the simplest decision she’s ever taken, since her dog family now consists of eight furry members, and it’s been an experience she’s thoroughly enjoyed. As a result, the dogs are very thankful. The Fowler Herd is how she refers to them.

One of them battled a disease until his legs were immobile. He was, however, content before the Day of Judgment.

“After a struggle with degenerative myelopathy, Hayden crossed the Rainbow Bridge.”

She resolved to respect him by assisting other dogs in similar situations from that point forward. “At the moment, I have eight puppies. “I had six special needs dogs and two German shepherds before I adopted the others,” she said.

The truth is that the Fowler Herd has never been short of anything. They’re all having a great time playing in the snow, always under Tracy’s watchful eye. She claims that, contrary to popular belief, caring for a handicapped dog isn’t all that difficult. Although it necessitates commitment.

She’ll continue to assist these dogs for as long as she can. They need special love and attention, which few people are able to provide.

Watch The Fowler Herd having fun in the woods:


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