Service Dog Stood In A Corner, Unsure Ff How To Act Around Other Dogs.

Since he was a puppy, Samson the service dog has developed a strong sense of duty. During his preparation, he smashed it and fit in well with his owner as a great medical support dog.

He, on the other hand, had such a hardcore service-minded personality that he never knew what it meant to loosen up and have fun.

Samson would fail to interact with other playful dogs even though he was off-duty at the dog park. It was a pitiful sight for his owners to see him distance himself in his introverted manner and simply wait to resume work.

Samson’s family discovered his overpowering desire to befriend a random kitten one day, and they quickly devised a brilliant plan to help him overcome his workaholic tendencies! All changed when they rescued a kitten called Cleo and introduced her to Samson.

The dodo

Little Cleo sparked Samson’s playful instincts right away, and he quickly assigned himself as Cleo’s big doggie brother. Cleo’s love and confidence for Samson pushed him to play along with her naughty whims over time.

And just like that, Samson’s free time had transformed into amusing goofing around with his adoring little sister!

The dodo

These days, Samson enjoys giving Cleo piggyback rides because they have so much fun together! Around Cleo, Samson never feels pressured to be a “playful dog,” and this has greatly aided him in breaking out of his shell. He’s having a great time as a carefree young man who has accepted his uniqueness as a cat aficionado!

Watch Samson overcome his social awkwardness after meeting Cleo in the video below!

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