When a tired dog sees a cow napping, it decides to curl up on its back

Dogs adore sleeping, and they seem to be able to nap wherever they want.

They’re cute snoozers, but one sleepy dog has warmed hearts around the internet after passing out in the cutest, most surprising location.

Sarthak Gambhir, an Indian man, was leaving his home when he saw a cow that piqued his interest. The cow wasn’t odd in and of itself—they’re a common sight in his neighborhood—but what was on the cow’s back was:

There was a dog cuddled up on the cow’s back, sound asleep!

It’s as if he simply thought that the cow would be a nice warm place to curl up and decided to make him his cuddle buddy.

The cow doesn’t seem to mind; he’s just lying on the grass, trying not to wake up his new friend. It’s a lovely example of two distinct animals cooperating.

It’s unclear how well the animals know one another or whether this is a one-time occurrence or a daily occurrence, but it caught Sarthak off guard.

He told The Dodo, “It was the first time I saw anything like this.”

Sarthak had to leave, but not before snapping a few pictures of the couple… After posting them to the Dogspotting Facebook page, they went viral.

The article has received over 19,000 reactions and 2,000 comments, with everyone praising the photos’ cuteness.

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