Woman Was Shocked To See A Wet Dog With Makeshift Anchor Around His Neck

Audra Petrakien was driving down a quiet street near her Lithuanian home when she came across a dog by the side of the road. The dog sat alone, drenched and shivering.

When Audra came to a halt to see what was going on, she found a makeshift anchor around the dog’s neck. He wore a metal clasp on his collar that held an iron cube.

Someone had clearly caught him and attempted to drown him, but the dog had managed to pull himself out of the water. When Audra approached him, he was shivering and puzzled.

Andra Petrakien, Petrakien’s daughter, told The Dodo, “apparently, someone placed a heavy metal object on his neck and dropped him in the river to drown.” “The dog was terrified and shivering from the cold.”

Audra then returned home with the puppy, cleaning the metal and dirt from his collar and waterlogged coat. She then took him to the veterinarian for an examination. Fortunately, he was in good health, and he is now recuperating under Petrakien’s supervision.

She ran to save the puppy, but not before snapping a photo of the rescue. Here’s a link to a video of her rescue:

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