Unusual Looking Pup Proves Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Finds Perfect Furever Home !

Mutilated animals typically gain a lot of weight and search for a home for the rest of their lives. Fortunately for an unusual puppy known as Lisa, the ten-week-old was able to defy the odds thanks to a stroke of good fortune.

With wounds all over her face and swollen eyelids that needed surgery, she was once accepted into the Humane Society Of Silicon Valley in California. Staff at the safe haven were undecided about finding a home for the puppy until Christine Doblar and her family arrived.

“My wife was still afraid that someone else would take everything away from her,” Christine explained to Dodo. It’s particularly entertaining to search for him, but he has a beautiful, dazzling personality. The reality is that she came to all of us once, and she literally welcomed everyone with love and exuberance…

”Despite the difficult obstacles Lisa had faced prior to arriving at HSSV from a community metropolis shelter, team member Finnegan Dowling told the web page she was able to overcome them. “She likes various puppies and toys, is ridiculously kissy, and she’ll lick your nostrils,” she says, adding, “She was a shockingly normal wiggly squirmy,comfortable puppy.” She was not indecisive or timid at all. ”

“They just wanted to make sure they found a family who looked like Lisa’s scars and loved her for the happy domestic dog she wanted to be,” Finnegan said.

Lisa undoubtedly got lucky, but so did the Doblar family, who went back the very next day and adopted her – and appropriately renamed her “Lucky.”

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