Rescuers comfort elderly dog in his last moments after he was surrendered for being ‘too old’

Owing to rescuers who rescued him from a California animal shelter, an elderly dog who had been surrendered by his family because he was “too old” was granted comfort in his final moments. Leave No Paws Behind shared two photos of the 14-year-old dog on Tuesday, along with a message to those who choose not to be with him in his final moments.

According to the rescue organization:

Today we tenderly and lovingly held your little canine Cookie as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We met Cookie on Sunday, we had been at the refuge to rescue some other little senior and they requested us if we should assist this little 14 year historic canine who was once simply proprietor surrendered for ” being to ancient “. They additionally instructed us that you instructed them, alongside with being too old, he ” once in a while has seizures.” Now I strive my hardest now not to be judgmental, I do now not comprehend what instances led Cookie to the shelter, all I understand is that he used to be really at the cease of his life, his nails had been overgrown, he was once as skinny as a toothpick and he used to be of course very ill.

The moving submission continues:

After all these years with you, I’m alone and questioning on a bloodless safe haven board, and I can’t imagine what was going through your mind as you surrendered him to die. What hurt my heart the most, though, was what he was thinking as he watched you walk away and was taken to a freezing, loud, and darkish cage by way of complete strangers, who I’m sure tried to alleviate him from his little fears,

Yes, right now this isn’t about you or your feelings; it’s about a sweet little dog who, at 14 years old, was left to die alone at a time when he needed you the most.

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