Emaciated dog’s worried eyes have broken social media hearts

Everybody who has seen images of the distressed eyes of a malnourished dog that Stray Rescue of St. Louis saved on Thanksgiving has been moved to tears. On her regular walk, a kind Samaritan came upon a malnourished dog that was too frail to to stand at a park close to her house.

The compassionate woman took the puppy home, pretended to need assistance, and contacted St. Louis’ Stray Rescue. Volunteers came forward right away.

“We named this poor angel Hadley, and she needs your prayers. She has nearly eaten to death and is too weak to face anyone. The non-profit organization posted the terrible images of the malnourished puppy anxiously gazing up at her rescuers on their Facebook page along with the statement, “Hopefully we got her in time to spread this around.

Only teaching her head is exhausting, and Hadley is being fed very slowly with very small amounts of food – which can continue for subsequent few weeks. “Sweet Hadley, we are so pitying the hell you’ve lived through. Your worried eyes tell us everything…”

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