Sickly Stray Offered Paw To Strangers To Ask Them To Save Her And A Friend

A sickly-looking stray in Romania approached some strangers and offered her paw in the hopes of being saved, but she wouldn’t abandon her mate.

Ray Animal Rescue was the outsiders, and they’d been looking for the dog for over an hour! As a result, they loaded the two dogs into the car and drove away, writes ilovemydog.

They went to the veterinarian for checkups and treatment. Elsie’s skin was very pink and swollen due to a skin condition. For about two months, she’d need medical baths. Hugo was fine and quickly found a forever home, but Elsa had a different story to tell…

The poor girl will have to pursue treatment despite the fact that many dogs disliked her due to her large size. However, six months later, the dog seemed to be entirely different! Andrea and Maria, foster children, entered the picture at that stage. They were only meant to foster her for two or three days, but they couldn’t let her go until the adoptive family arrived. Elsie failed as a foster right into her forever home! 

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