Nobody Wanted Pit Bull Pair, They Clung Together For Comfort In Noisy Shelter

When two Pit Bulls, Jukebox and Agatha, arrived at the shelter, their bond was immediately apparent. Despite having two different beds in their colossal kennel, they insisted on being glued to one another.

They even slept in the same bed. Their bodies have been entwined for a long time. The safe haven volunteers were aware that this was not a typical friendship and were concerned. Shelters are aware of the sad truth. It’s a miracle when a dog finds a home that is still familiar. Finding a domestic willing to take two full-grown Pit Bulls, on the other hand, will be almost impossible.

Regardless of how often activists try to change that, the breed is stigmatized. This would be a challenge, but no one ever gave up. Jukebox and Agatha spent a long time at the Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona. Despite cries for a home on social media, they waited and waited. Yes, they had everything, but a shelter is a stressful environment for dogs. It’s suffocatingly loud and bitterly cold. Dogs are meant to be in caring homes.

Finally, Erin and Ubaldo arrived to meet the couple. They should notice right away that these puppies don’t want to be separated. The opportunistic adopters had room in their home for the pair.
The new family’s fate was sealed when they met them in character. Jukebox and Agatha had been gentle, candy puppies, as Erin and Ubaldo could see. They simply desired a constant home in which they could truly blossom.

It was finally time to take Jukebox and Agatha home after the paperwork was completed. They’ve all been loaded into the car for their liberation journey.
When they arrived at the building, they were escorted inside. “Mom and Dad” Erin and Ubaldo have been eager to acclimate their new “kids” to their new surroundings.

The puppies took a look at their new house. And their tail wags haven’t slowed down. They realized right away that this was their new home. Dogs just get it!
As the couple settled in, Mom and Dad may want to note how lucky the puppies were to have a family.

We hope you’ll take a moment to watch the entire trip in the video below. It’s the heartwarming tale that we’d like to share to remind us that there’s a lot of love out there; all we have to do is show up in the right places.

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