After discovering an abandoned puppy with a heartbreaking note, a man can’t stop crying

When Lionel’s ride to the grocery store turned into a rescue mission, his day took an unexpected turn. After rescuing a stray puppy from a busy street, Lionel quickly realized that the rescued dog’s situation was truly tragic.

The sound of car horns and noise coming from the nearby road startled Lionel Vytialingam. He decided he had to help this poor pup after realizing the commotion was caused by a stray dog weaving in and out of traffic.

“She had no idea what she was doing or where she was going,” says the narrator. There were cars and motorcycles whizzing down the street, and she walked straight into them, as if they were family.” Lionel –

When Lionel arrived at the terrified dog, he spread his arms out in the expectation that the stray puppy would accept his assistance. The scruffy stray weaved her way through the traffic after flinching each time. Lionel was able to finally grab her and get her to safety.

Lionel found a soggy note hanging from the sweet stray’s collar once she was safely seated in his car. Though he had hoped that this note would lead to the owners of the missing dog, he soon learned that she was on her own. Lionel couldn’t control his emotions after reading the words that this sweet girl had borne.

“I burst into tears. For all the passing cars, it was probably not a pleasant sight.” Lionel –

Lionel took the neglected puppy home as soon as he understood the gravity of the situation and tried to console her in whatever way he could. After such a long day, he gave her a warm bath, a delicious dinner, and cuddled her all night to give her the love she deserved.

“She is quiet when she is with me. She simply lies next to or on top of me and either falls asleep or attempts to wake me up by nibbling my fingers, yelping, or tugging at my shirt.” Lionel –

Siggy did not get along with Lionel’s new dog, Sammo, and Lionel would have preferred to be the one to invite Siggy into his home for good. He did, however, find a way to keep her in his family.

Once the travel bans are lifted and Lionel is able to make the journey, Siggy will be welcomed into his home by Lionel’s brother. We are grateful to Lionel for his commitment to Siggy and his determination to turn this tragic circumstance into a happy ending for this deserving dog!

We want to remind everyone that leaving your pet is never a good idea, and that there are always rescues or shelters in your area willing to help.

Image Source:Lionel/FBPost

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