Orphaned Elephant Didn’t Have A Single Friend, Then A Dog Climbed On Her Head

When Bubbles was found by some animal rescuers working in Africa, she was a young orphaned elephant. Both of her parents were killed by poachers, making her survival much more difficult – particularly because elephants thrive on social stimulation, according to waggingtonpost.com.

Owing to a shortage of rehabilitation facilities, many isolated and disturbed elephant victims of poaching are normally put down. Bubbles, on the other hand, was extremely grateful when the workers at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina decided to take her in. The heartbroken elephant, on the other hand, received her ultimate blessing in the form of Bella the black Labrador, a sister from another species!

When Bella was first introduced to Bubbles, she was an oblivious abandoned puppy, but the two formed an immediate bond! They became friends because of their shared love of swimming, and they would spend hours in the pool just hanging out and playing fetch without a care in the world.

Bubbles and Bella are now inseparable best friends, and their long-standing relationship is being celebrated around the globe! Although Bubbles was fortunate to escape her miserable life in the dangerous forest, it was Bella’s embrace as a kindred spirit that truly saved her soul! Let’s toast to this beautiful and transcendent love connection!

Watch Bella and Bubbles get lost in each other’s company in the video below.

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