Dog Looks After Injured Friend Hit By Car All Night Until Help Finally Arrives

Dog Looks After Injured Friend Hit By Car All Night Until Help Finally Arrives

The faithful dog would not leave its friend’s side and remained by its side all night and the next morning until an animal rescue group arrived and rushed them to the veterinarian.

A heartwarming video shows a faithful dog caring for a friend who had been struck by a car before help came the next morning.

On the afternoon of February 14th, a stray dog was hit on a main road in the Brazilian municipality of Iguatu.

Another dog was filmed lying by the wounded pooch’s side in video that has gone viral online.

It stayed there all night before it was rescued by a local NGO.

“We were unable to go to the location on Sunday afternoon due to a lack of available veterinarians, but we received word on Monday morning that both of them were in the same location,” said nurse Marina Assuncao.

“I went there with a vet buddy and we took the sick dog to the clinic.”

The loving dog became violent when the women approached, but they gradually gained its confidence.

“It remained next to the wounded dog the whole time, licking it and running its hands over its body as if it was trying to save it,” she said.

“The other dog had already jumped on the bench and remained with its friend right up until it got care in the clinic when we put the wounded pooch in the car.”

Medication, food, and water were provided to the dog. It is still unable to walk, so an orthopedist will examine it shortly to see if any rib or spine fractures have occurred.

Marina was taken aback by the dog’s “companionship” with its wounded counterpart.

She went on to say, “We’re not sure if they’re siblings.”

“We were taken by the companionship shown by the other dog with the injured one the whole time, from the moment of the accident to their arrival at the clinic and now at their temporary home,” says the owner. “They must be the same age, about nine months and one year old.”

Adota Iguatu (Adopt Iguatu), a non-profit organization, is currently running an online fundraising effort to continue the animal’s care.

It is hoped that the couple will be adopted in the future.

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