Stop Putting Dogs In Truck Beds, More Than 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year

Stop Putting Dogs In Truck Beds, More Than 100,000 Dogs Loose The Life Each Year

I can’t get away from a dumb meme I saw the other day that said, “Share this if you survived riding in the back of a pickup truck as a child.” Then came some remarks on how we Americans have become “soft and paranoid” — that we are far too vigilant and overprotective these days…

Dogs are vulnerable not only to what humans can control, but they are also DOGS. And well-trained dogs have been known to climb out of truck beds to explore something has piqued their interest. Often, even naturally relaxed, well-adjusted dogs may be startled and bolt out, resulting in disastrous consequences.


There have been stories of dogs dying as a result of jumping out of truck beds, as well as humans in other vehicles attempting to stop them, with disastrous results.

Another factor to avoid transporting your dog in a truck bed is the presence of wind. Even at normal speeds, the dog’s lungs will be compressed as he inhales. Of course, as your speed rises, so does the chance.

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High winds can cause flying debris, which can strike your dog in the face, in addition to breathing problems. Also tiny particles, such as small pebbles hitting your dog in the eyes or your dog inhaling bugs up his nose, can cause severe injuries.

Leaving a dog in the truck bed is also a bad idea. Frequent movement, short pauses, and incidents have been confirmed to have strangled dogs, resulting in death.

Another danger is that if you are in an accident, your dog could become frightened and flee, leaving you with a missing or lost pet, or even being struck by another car.
Some articles recommend putting your dog in a cage and securing it to the truck bed if possible, but this is a false sense of protection.

Accidents, especially those that cause the truck to roll over, give Fido NO CHANCE to get out before suffering serious injury. Your dog is also unlikely to be content in the back of a pickup truck. It’s a frightening place to be! Wind gusts, noisy highway sounds, and a lack of protection make dogs nervous. Do you think this dog is happy? (WATCH VIDEO)

The best way to keep your dog safe from these dangers is to keep him inside your car at all times.


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