They Broke Both His Front Legs & Dumped Him, He Kept Begging Strangers For Help

They Broke Both His Front Legs & Dumped Him, He Kept Begging Strangers For Help

Chewie the Yorkie was discarded like trash at a park in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. Despite the fact that both of his front legs were completely broken, the small puppy smiled at strangers, hoping that someone would aid him. He was finally saved by the employees at OC Animal Care after days of anguish, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Chewie’s shattered legs had started to heal in a twisted posture, according to an X-ray at the hospital. This suggested that the unfortunate baby had been injured for several weeks but his owner had never taken him to the vet. It’s very likely that Chewie’s owner damaged his legs and then abandoned him.

Chewie’s legs were repaired by a rigorous procedure done by the veterinarian. The recovery from surgery was obviously difficult, but the delicate kid proved to be a true trooper! He had complete faith in his kind caregivers, and by the next week, he was cheerfully frolicking in the grass, despite the fact that his cast was still on!

Chewie was adopted shortly after his full recovery! Cheryl, his new mother, is head over heals in love with this little boy, as are his human and canine siblings. Congratulations, sweetie! Chewie’s innocent grin and sparkling spirit have surely charmed his way into our hearts!

Watch how an abandoned Chewie faced his tribulations with a smile and achieved his happy ending in the video below!

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