Lost Dog Strolls Into Police Station To Report Himself Missing

Lost Dog Strolls Into Police Station To Report Himself Missing

Chico, a Husky and German Shepherd mix of one year, is anything but serious. Chico’s father, Edward Alvarado, had thought that he might train him to be a guard dog, but the puppy was just too affectionate. All he wanted to do was play with everyone and show them how much he cared about them. His curiosity, like that of many young puppies, can get out of hand, especially when he’s bored.

Chico even opted to go on his own excursion without his father’s permission one night!

Chico walked into the Odessa Police Department, which was about a mile from his home, at 3 a.m. one night. He appeared to have significant information to convey to the policemen, but they didn’t speak dog! As a result, they assumed he’d just come in to declare himself missing.

Having a good time at the police station
The cops were taken aback when they saw a dog in the station. Chico simply strolled in and placed his paws on the counter. He exhibited no signs of anxiety or stress. He just wanted to have some fun and play some games!

Chico was lucky enough to get some playing! While they tried to figure out what to do, the police spent a lot of time stroking him and even playing fetch with him. They shared images of Chico’s strange entry on social media in the hopes that his family would notice and come to his aid.

Image Credits Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

Chico wore a collar, but his tags appeared to have just broken off. As a result, they understood they’d have to look for a microchip next. They got in touch with animal control to have Chico scanned for a chip.
Chico, on the other hand, made it clear that he didn’t want animal control to come after him.
He’d seen enough dog movies to realize that animal management was a recipe for disaster. As a result, he slipped out of the police station before they arrived.

The problem has been solved!
The police officers initially assumed Chico had run away and gotten himself even more lost, but this was swiftly disproved. Chico was at home when Alvarado awoke, as if nothing had occurred.

Chico made it home safely, according to Alvarado, who reacted to the police station’s messages. The cops were honored to be a part of Chico’s unusual trip, and this fact just added to the amusement of the story.

Chico is welcome to come to the station at any time, according to the police department. They had a great time interacting with him. He truly made their evening!

Alvarado will keep a closer eye on his sly pooch from now on. He is, nevertheless, really pleased that his dog knows where to go in an emergency. Not every dog would be attracted to the cops in that manner. We’ll never know if he actually did have anything essential to say to the authorities.


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