12-Year-Old Boy Builds Dumped Disabled Puppy A Lego Wheelchair

Her – insert expletive here – owners threw Gracie away like rubbish when she was merely a newborn puppy. As a result, the poor animal was coated in maggots when she was rescued. She also lacked the hair beneath her eyes. Her rescuers also discovered that she had a congenital abnormality that caused her front legs to be missing.

No one knew what difficulties Gracie had encountered in her young life, but they knew she was in for a fight.

Gracie was eventually adopted by the Turley family, who also happen to run their own animal sanctuary. With a paraplegic dog and a three-legged Chihuahua, adorable little Gracie seemed like the perfect addition to the family. The Turley family, on the other hand, was concerned about Gracie’s mobility because she was still a puppy and wouldn’t be eligible for a wheelchair fitting.

Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer, had a wonderful idea at that point. He decided to build Gracie a makeshift wheelchair out of Legos that could be easily changed as she grew. Dylan’s brilliant plan worked well, and Gracie was able to take her first steps in her custom wheelchair.

Gracie was finally allowed to get fitted with a “grown-up” wheelchair once she was old enough. As a result, Gracie is now just like any other dog: happy, healthy, and chasing balls around with her siblings.

We’re confident, however, that she’ll be eternally grateful to Dylan and her first wheelchair, which gave her movement and freedom as a puppy.

You can check out the video below:


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