Firefighters Work With Mama Dog To Save Her Puppies From Drain Hole

Without the mother dog’s assistance, they wouldn’t have been able to save the 8 puppies from the drain hole.

Firefighters in Turkey were aided by the use of a stray mommy dog, whose pups became stuck after falling in a drainage canal in Bodrum, Mula. Erhan Erol, a local resident, called the firefighters to the site.

Thankfully, firefighters arrived quickly and were able to shut off the drainage canal’s water supply. The eight puppies, on the other hand, had gotten so far away that they should no longer be able to approach them. That’s when the mother arrived, carrying one of her pups!

As a result, the firefighters devised a brilliant plan to reduce the mother canine’s size and allow her to pick up the puppies one by one. Thankfully, it was a brilliant idea, as all of the puppies were saved within an hour!

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